8 Ways Social Media Listening can Improve Your Customer Experience


The total population of the world is 7.82 billion, in which more than 50.64% of people are active on social media. And this graph continues to grow. Even many people use more than two IDs. Meaning today there is that potential in social media that can reach your business to the people of half the world. You will get billions of users on some platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter. All you need is a great strategy. Some points have been explained below, with the help of which you can improve the consumer experience on your social media.

Engage in Real-Time

With the help of social media platforms, you can connect with your consumer in real-time, talking about some time ago today, there is nothing like real-time in some traditional platforms like websites, emails. Today your entire customer base is active day and night, so this is the best way to contact them.

Identify Common Problems

It has often been seen that when a customer wants to say something about your product or service, then he uses social media. If you are getting more negative feedback through comment boxes or surveys, then in this condition you have to find and eliminate your common problems.

Field Customer Experience

Here your customer gets complete freedom to question you, when a customer is asking you any question, then you have to answer as soon as possible. Some social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram offer live features. You can start a live session with a specific name, where your customers can get their questions answered live.

Highlight Positive Experience

On the one hand, while you are answering your feedback and questions, at the same time highlight your positive feedback and reviews. This also improves the consumer experience. Your potential customers also want to know good things about you, so you have to highlight them.

Monitor Your Reputation

How do people look at your company, do they not feel that your product is very expensive or not? Do they not feel that you are not worthy of trust? You will get the answer to all this only by monitoring your reputation. The best way to do this is to monitor the comments and queries.

Engage the Potential Consumer

Reviews and comments lying on social media represent a kind of recommendation. If someone is recommending your product or services, then keep the investment in his post or review, by doing this your consumer will feel that you care for them.

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Improve Your Offering

Social listening is a better tool to improve your offers. Suppose you have a pizza store and you offer 10 types of pizza. One of these would be the one that would be liked by most of the people, and people comment, post or share more about it on social media. By monitoring which you can identify your product and set up a good offer system on it.

Identify Competitors Strengths

Social listening gives you the power to test your competitors’ strengths, you can better your strategy by comparing your strategy with their content strategy. You may find some strategies that you are unaware of. After that, by adding their strategy to your content, you can analyze how best it is doing for you.

 Hope this article will help you in improving your social media consumer experience.

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